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Traditionally, chiropractors use single high-energy thrusting and other movements to adjust areas of the body. These precise Chiropractic adjustments no only move bones and restore proper joint function, but they stimulate ‘neural receptors’. These receptors, in turn, produce positive nerve impulses which relay crucial positive information to the brain.

The brain depends on this “neurological feedback flow” to update its awareness about an area. Once the brain evaluates the changes prompted by the adjustment, it sends the joints, cells and tissues self-correcting commands to bring about healing changes.
The Arthrostim is a hand held adjusting instrument that is an alternative to manual adjustments. The secret to the Arthrostim’s effectiveness comes from its gentle, controlled, repetitive thrusts.

The repetitive thrusts allow the Arthrostim to create positive neurological feedback to the brain, improve joint movement, decrease muscular tension, and reduce pain. Due to its very gentle/low force input, the Arthrostim tool is safe to use on virtually any joint in the body. Although anyone may be treated with the Arthrostim tool, there are specific types of patients who will benefit most, these including:

• Acute patients who are initially too sensitive to tolerate manual (hand) adjustments
• Infants, very young children, and the elderly can benefit when forceful adjustments would be unsafe
• Patients who struggle with relaxation or those that are difficult to hand adjust
• Patients with limiting health conditions or those with congenital defects of the spine
• Patients who have had bad experiences in the past with standard treatments
• Those with a fear of having their bones “popped” or “cracked”