Rachel Snead

Rachel graduated from American Massage and Bodywork Institute. She continues to study as she is working toward her license in massage. When she first went to AMBI her reasons were merely to help people in a way that allows for relaxation and making their bodies feel better and the added benefit of their mental state. Half way through massage school she realized the benefits did not end there and that she had so much more to learn!
Rachel started with Lighthouse Chiropractic in August 2020 as a Chiropractic Assistant and started getting regular adjustments for the first time in her life (she reports that the adjustments immediately changed her life!) Rachel is excited to be part of the Lighthouse Team, their mission within the office and outside. When Rachel is not working she loves to lift weights, go for walks, and read. More importantly, she enjoys relaxing and spending time with her family. Earlier this year she acquired a kitten “Berlioz” and is loving being a kitty mom. Rachel is also a bit of a fanatic coffee lover (she worked at Starbucks for 3 years!). Favorite foods are Mexican. She is still undecided whether she prefers the beach or mountains as a place to live.



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