New Patients

What to Expect on Your First Visit

When you first arrive at Lighthouse Chiropractic, you will be greeted by our Chiropractic Assistant. You will be asked to fill out a new patient form and then be given a brief tour of the treatment rooms in the office.

You will receive a consultation with one of our doctors. They will review your health history to find out what you are seeking from chiropractic care.

The doctor will perform an examination of your spine with the Insight Discovery Subluxation Station to determine the health of your spine and nervous system. If traditional spinal X-rays are required, you will be referred to a radiology center.

Your Second Visit

The doctor will present the results of your examination in a report of findings. They will discuss your treatment options and design a care plan to meet your needs. They will answer any questions you have about insurance and payment options. You may receive your first adjustment and then schedule your next appointments before you leave.


Your First Visit:

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