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ALCAT Food & Chemical Sensitivity Test

ALCAT is a simple blood test that tells you which foods may be a problem and which foods may be beneficial for you.  By finding a patient’s sensitivities, dietary changes can be made to help reduce potentially harmful immune system responses.   These dietary changes may reduce your body’s burden by decreasing destructive inflammation, helping to restore normal body functions and boosting your immune system – affecting your overall health.

Greens First

Greens First is an Acid and Alkaline saliva test.   What does acid-alkaline balance means?  It relates to the chemistry of the body’s fluids and tissues as measured by pH.  It is important that the body’s cells have a slightly alkaline environment to survive.  A pH of less than 7.0 is very dangerous.  Even minor variances in pH levels can be traced back to, for example, skin irritations, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and irritable bowel issues.   Greens First offers plant based supplements to add a large amount of alkalinity to your body’s reserves.  This helps your body to maintain a more balanced pH thus improving overall health.

Standard Process & MediHerb

Standard Process is the leader in whole food nutrient solutions. Following strict guidelines to grow the great majority of their ingredients on their own certified organic farm and perform repeated testing through the manufacturing process to ensure the quality and safety of our supplements.

MediHerb products are developed by experts and leaders in the field of herbal therapy, drawing on the latest scientific evidence, as well as centuries of traditional knowledge. The positive health results achieved are the strongest possible evidence of their potency and superiority. The aim is to get the patient back to optimum health and enhance their well-being for the long term. MediHerb’s wide range of products can powerfully enhance health and vitality. Whether you’re managing short-term issues or need long-term support, these natural therapies can deliver dramatic positive effects.

Lighthouse Nutritional Program

Lighthouse nutritional program is a personalized program based on the individual patient’s needs. We start by taking a patient’s medical history, evaluate their dietary habits, lifestyle choices, perform diagnostic testing, and review their body systems survey. With this information, we present a plan to help our patients find proper nutrition, whole food supplementation to support their specific system need and to reach their specific health goals.

Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle coaching is a 3-month weekly one-on-one counseling program to optimize your individual health goals diet and lifestyle coaching