Neurological Nutrition Testing

Omega-3 fatty acids are the building blocks of the brain, determining the brain’s integrity and ability to perform. They are to your brain cells what calcium is to your bones – or what protein is to your muscles.

These crucial molecules cannot be made by your body, so it is critical to obtain them by eating fish or taking fish oil. The most important factor is how much is absorbed by your blood cells. This is a fact that many scientific studies on fish and fish oil miss, leading to confusion about the benefits of fish/fish oil.

Consistently measuring your Omega-3 Index is the only way to maintain optimal levels. An Omega-3 Index over 8% is associated with improved memory, attention, learning, mood stability, faster recovery from concussions, as well as lower anxiety, depression, and inflammation.

Tracking your index over time is one of the most important ways to help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, cognitive decline, and cardiovascular disease.

Measure your Brain Health for the following:

    • Attention & Behavior
    • Short Term Memory
    • Risk of Dementia
    • Concussion Resilience
    • Healthy Weight & Aging
    • Chronic Pain & Inflammation

Performed in our office in 4 easy steps:

Step #1
– Purchase a BrainSpan Assessment Kit

The BrainSpain Assessment Kit contains everything you need to measure and start improving your brain health and function. The kits are only sold through BrainSpan authorized healthcare providers.

Step #2 – Perform a Simple, Painless Blood Spot Test

The blood spot test identifies specific fatty acid biomarkers in your cells that are essential to protect, restore, and optimize the health and function of your brain & body. These include: 1) Omega-3 Index; 2) Inflammation Index; and 3) Neurotoxicity Index.

Step #3 – Take a 15 Minute Online Functional Assessment

The 15-minute online assessment measures the functional capacity and efficiency of your neural connections. The assessment includes: 1) Sustained Attention; 2) Memory Capacity; 3) Processing Speed; and 4) Cognitive Flexibility.

Step #4 – Receive Your Comprehensive Brain Health Report

In approximately 10 days, you will receive a comprehensive report that combines the results of your fatty acid profile with your cognitive function test. The report measures your current brain health and includes personalized recommendations for how to improve it.


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